#80 – Knit Wit

Knit Wit

At a Glance: Knit Wit is an artsy word game with great production value.

Knit Wit is a word game for 2-8 players where players place strings around spools to make creative categories and try to provide word answers for them. First, the categories are formed by placing loops of string around numbered spools on the table. Each string has a clothespin with an adjective attached to it. Loops will overlap each other and will contain multiple spools. Once all are placed, players look at the numbered spool, see how many adjectives surround it, then come up with a word that fits those unique descriptions. For instance, Spool #1 might have these strings around it: Red, Large, Kind. An answer that would fit that could be Clifford the Big Red Dog. Each answer scores points for each string loop around it. If you’ve played Scattergories, the feel is a bit similar here. Likewise, if two players choose the same answer, those answers cancel each other out, so you are encouraged to be very creative.

Knit Wit succeeds as a light but challenging game where creativity is the key. Disclaimer: if you are aggressively “play-to-win”, it is likely everyone at the table will have a bad time. I enjoy this most treating it as a relaxed, creative group activity. The only noticeable potential con for me, is that some people might get frustrated trying to figure out which strings are around which spools. Once all the pieces are out, there is a lot going on visually, so it may take some close observation to notice all the descriptors. The game polices itself, in a way, so the pace does not slow down too much. There is a stack of buttons with holes in them numbered 1-4. Whoever finishes first, grabs the topmost button with 4 holes and is awarded that many bonus points.

As far as the production value, this game really shines. There is no cheap plastic in this game. It is all wood and string. Players use white colored pencils on black scoring sheets that look great as well. The whole game has a DIY, but quality feel. All told, this is a cool word game that also catches the eye.

Check it out: https://amzn.to/2INNFe9

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