Check out this quirky game!

In FlowerFall, you literally let your flower cards fall on the table, trying to claim as many points (represented as neutral green flowers) as you can.

This fun & unpredictable little game is an ingenious design from Carl Chudyk. Many board game hobbyists have heard of Chudyk’s games Glory to Rome or Innovation, but what about this more under-the-radar entry?

The grey player wins this field worth 5 points, as they have the majority over white.

It’s quick and action-oriented, which even my young son really enjoys. On the back of each card are 5 neutral green flowers, so you can drop it on either side depending on your intentions. Sometimes, the card flips or glides in a weird way, which makes it interesting. No matter how skilled you might get at it, there will always be a level of unpredictability and moments where turn order is important. It is a simple and effective idea.

How it looks in action. You must drop the cards from eye-level.
The finished game just looks like a game of 52-card pickup!

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