2 Quick, Vibrant Family Games

We played a couple good family games tonight that are enjoyable by both kids & adults.

First, a sweet speed game called Fast Flip, where you turn over a card and then grab the proper token as fast as you can. Great for flexing your visual perception & processing, and just hectically fun. If you flip a fruit, then you have to grab the NUMBER token that matches how many times that fruit appears on the card. If u flip a number, then you have to grab the FRUIT token that appears on the card that many times. The cards are designed so that there is only ever 1 correct answer.

Next, a dice game called A Fistful of Penguins that is excellent at teaching math! The animals on the dice either score or cancel each other out in various ways, but you can use your penguins to maintain at least some control to reroll your dice & push your luck.

For kids, you can’t go wrong with the vibrant design and the animal & fruit themes.

Fast Flip on Amazon:


A Fistful of Dollars on Amazon:


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