Gaming with a Purpose:

The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund


When times of tragedy or hardship hit, there is rarely an easy resolution. Sometimes the only thing we can do is to come alongside those who have experienced loss, show them love, and help ease the load.

I wanted to link the website for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund firstly, so you could read for yourself what their mission is. Tom Vasel is one of the most prominent figures in the board gaming hobby, and when he experienced the loss of his newborn son, Jack, he was overwhelmed with the generosity and love from the community during that very difficult time. Now, almost 10 years later, Jack’s legacy lives on as the Fund has been able to help many families during similar times of hardship.

Currently on BoardGameGeek, the Fund’s annual auction is live:

More board games are added to the auction every day, and if you win, you not only get a good game, but you also help out a great cause. The Fund also accepts direct donations as well of course. During these uncertain times, you may not be able to give anything financially and that is totally understandable! At the least, please consider sharing with your fellow gamer friends. No doubt there will be a lot of people this year and next affected by what is going on who could greatly benefit from the Fund.

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