Gaming the Globe – A New Series


We’ve entered the second half of 2019, and I am starting a new series on board gaming. I am a geographer, so we have a lot of games focused in that direction already. Board games are a wonderful way to get in touch with new friends, and form stronger bonds with the friends and family we already have. They are also a great way to teach and learn conceptually about cultural & historical ideas and events. Like me, you may not be able to travel internationally every single year, maybe never. Games, whether they be light or strategically heavy, can provide a quick getaway of sorts and immerse you in a culture or history that you may not be familiar with. I will be highlighting some board games that are inspired from geographical locations around the world, and exploring the real-world places they represent at the same time. Instead of a conventional game review, they will be more like session reports of our gaming experience, with more of a narrative tilt, and geographical Highlights along the way. Let’s Game the Globe. Our first stop? Africa.

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