#20 – Terra (& Series)


At a Glance: Terra is a trivia game for the 21st Century.

Terra is a trivia game for 2-6 players that is mostly about geography and history where you don’t have to always know the exact answer. Each round involves only one card with three different related questions to answer, and ALL players will be answering the same questions. For example, the card could be titled the Pyramids of Giza, and there would be three separate questions which you could answer by placing cubes in one of three different areas of the board. The first part can always be answered on the large map portion of the board. In the case of the Pyramids, there is just 1 geographical area that is exactly right. Then, the 2nd question could be the Year Completed, which is answered on the green Dates graph. Then lastly, you might answer the Height of the Great Pyramid, which is answered on the blue measurement graph. On your turn, you may place 1 cube in any of the areas that answer one of the three questions. You don’t have to answer them in any order, but you do have to place at least one cube. After that, you may pass when it gets back to you. Once all players have answered as much as they want, everyone scores. You get 7 points for an exact answer and 3 for adjacent answers. Any cubes that did NOT score are lost. However, at the start of each new round, players receive one cube back and they can never have less than 3 cubes. Each game lasts only 6 rounds (6 cards), and whoever has the most points is the winner.

In addition to Terra, there are 2 other games that were released that use the same system but cover different topics. If geography/history isn’t your thing, Fauna is a great game that only deals with animals and their characteristics and measurements. I enjoy Fauna almost as much as Terra. It is a great one. The 3rd game which I don’t enjoy near as much is called America, which is only about Americana topics. One of the great parts about Terra is that you do not have to know the exact answer, and everyone is answering the same questions and placing cubes all over the board. So if you believe someone else is on the right track, you can place yours adjacent to them. Terra is a vibrant trivia game for the 21st Century, with novel ideas and an interactive nature.

The cards are large and plentiful, and there is some interesting information included with the answers. The map board is large too. The overall presentation is very good. Unfortunately, the game can be tough to find right now, so you’re best bet is to track down a nice used copy until they reprint this, which I really hope they do and think they should.

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