#23 – King of Tokyo


At a Glance: On fun factor alone, King of Tokyo is the undisputed king. It is a raucous good time.

King of Tokyo is a dice game for 2-6 players where everyone controls a giant monster trying to destroy Tokyo and the other monsters. The main game mechanic is a Yahtzee-like roll of the dice where you are allowed 2 rerolls after your initial roll. First, what is the object? The goal is to either be the last monster standing or the first to 20 points. The dice have 6 different faces on them. For each Claw symbol you roll, that is one attack and the other monster(s) must take 1 damage. Each monster starts with 10 health, shown as hearts and they will gain and lose as the game goes on. For each Heart symbol, you gain one health. There are also numbers on the dice from 1-3 and when you roll a set of three, that is how many points you get. So if you roll three 2’s you get 2 points. Any additional numbers in the set score extra points. So five 2’s would be 4 points. Lastly, if you roll the lightning bolt symbol, you get an Energy cube. Energy can be used to purchase cool upgrade cards for your monster. Concerning attacks, they work in an interesting way. All monsters start outside the city and there are spaces inside Tokyo for 1 monster in a 4-player game and 2 spaces for monsters in a 5 or 6-player game. Whenever you attack , it affects the monsters in the other area. So attacks from outside the city only affect the monsters inside the city and attacks from inside the city affect ALL monsters outside. You gain points the longer you are able to stay inside the city, but the catch is that you cannot heal yourself while inside the city. If your health drops too low, you can yield the city to the attacking monster who replaces you. If your health ever drops to 0, you’re out. Whoever is the last monster standing or first to 20 points is the winner.

Just strictly going by fun factor, this game is king. It is a raucous dice chucker of a game and the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. It gets crazy when you have 5 or 6 monsters all vying for control of the city and attacking. Then, sometimes there might be a more pacifist monster who is quietly, sneakily accumulating points and trying to win that way. Then, you have the great upgrade cards. There are a lot of them, and they’re thematically appropriate and all of them are exciting and interesting. For example, if you are able to get the Extra Head for your monster, that gives you an extra die to roll for the rest of the game! I like how you can win in two very different ways and you have to be aware of where people are in points, because 20 points can really sneak up on you. For having so much luck of the dice, there are a good deal of interesting choices available to players throughout the game. And the cool thing is, no matter what you choose, it feels like you’re doing something awesome. Gameplay is quick, rules are pretty simple, and instead of bogging down with a higher player count, it gets better! Because the dice rolling is so similar to how Yahtzee works, I find it makes it really easy to teach to pretty much anyone in a wide age range.

The black & green dice are SUPER great quality, and they’re actually some of my favorite dice from any game I’ve played. This is great, since the gameplay all revolves around the dice. The monsters are also pretty sweet, and the boards that come with them have two dials for health and points, and they work exceptionally well. Usually the main game board is crucial, but this is one game where the board itself is barely necessary. It only shows who is in the city of Tokyo. The green Energy cubes are simple but effective. They enhance the sci-fi feel a bit. Overall, this is a top-notch game. As far as light family fun, I’m not sure this game can be beat. Excellent!

Check it out: https://amzn.to/2QK1KzY

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