#30 – 6 nimmt!

6 nimmt

At a Glance: 6 nimmt handles up to 10 players in one of the best pure card games out there.

6 Nimmt is a card game for 2-10 players. There are 104 cards numbered 1-104 and they have differing numbers of bullheads shown on them. Bullheads equal points and points are bad. For each hand, everyone is dealt 10 cards, then there are 4 cards laid in the middle of the table that will form 4 columns. Everyone then reveals a card at the same time, and play them starting with the lowest number. Cards must be played in ascending order in the column with the highest number showing that is lower than the card their playing. If a column has 5 cards it is considered “full”, so the next player who would have to play a card in that column per the rule, would be stuck with all 5 of those cards and their points. That 6th card would then start a new column. If a player has a card that is lower than the highest numbered card in each column, then they must choose a column and replace it with their card, thus taking those bad points as well, but there is some choice there. The first player to hit 66 points ends the game immediately and whoever has the least amount of points is the winner.

It is amazing how much the game changes with how many people are playing. We play a lot of 2 player games of this and enjoy it a lot, but I have played upwards of the max player count and enjoy it just as much but it is such a different experience. The more players you have, the more chaotic it can be. If you reveal a higher number, the columns may change quite a bit before you get to play your card. In a 2-player game, this is not the case. There is more certainty and more strategy. With a lot of players, there is more luck, but the craziness adds an extra element of fun I think. It is rare to find a pure card game that accommodates as many as 10 players in a legitimate way, and this game delivers. Given this and that it is extremely easy to learn, this is a perfect one to play at a big family gathering or a chilled out get-together with friends. Brew some good coffee, have good conversation, and play 6 Nimmt together.

The card quality is decent, and I do like how they are colored based on how many bullheads they have. 6 Nimmt is certainly one of the best pure card games I have played. It is easy to grasp and accommodates a wide player range. I highly recommend as my #30 favorite game of all time!

Check it out: https://amzn.to/2SqxCXk

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