#34 – Dice Forge

Dice Forge

At a Glance: Dice Forge accelerates down a slope to a fun conclusion that is over too soon. So just play again and actually craft your own dice!

Dice Forge is a dice-crafting game for 2-4 players where you will actually be changing the sides of your dice as you play to make them more and more powerful. Each player starts the game with a light and dark die, and a personal inventory board that tracks Gold, Sun Shards, Moon Shards, and Glory. At the start of each turn, all players roll both dice for a Divine Blessing, and add those to their inventory. Then the active player may either Make an Offering to the gods in return for a new dice face to forge onto their dice, or they may perform a Heroic Feat by turning in Sun or Moon Shards to gain a card and its ability. After the set number of rounds, whoever has the most Glory Points is the champion of champions.

First of all, the main draw of this game is the fact that the die faces are interchangeable and that you will be upgrading them as the game goes on by replacing the starting sides with beefier options. You can use the new plastic die face to pop the other side off, which is just cool. As far as gameplay, there is an interesting mix of randomness and methodical engine-building strategy. Even if you purchase new sides for your dice, there is always a chance you will be really unlucky and just not roll them. But the idea is that if you upgrade your dice enough, they will inevitably provide great benefits. There are also a broad array of options on a turn, which I also like. There are plenty of potential avenues to victory, cool new sides to forge onto your dice, and 15 different Heroic Feats to attempt. There are even 9 advanced Heroic Feats that you can use to replace any of the basic ones! No matter what you do, it always feels like you’re doing something awesome.

Dice Forge is published by Libellud, who really knows how to produce a great-looking game. The presentation is outstanding, despite just being cardboard & plastic, it feels so much more deluxe than that. This also has one of the best box inserts out there, and you even use the box bottom to place the upper pools of the high Temple on. Take a look at the dice pictured above, and you can see the removable squares…really an innovative idea. I definitely recommend this unique game.

Check it out! https://amzn.to/2SkJM4c

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