#40 – NMBR 9


At a Glance: NMBR 9 is a cool, colorful thinker that is great for fans of Tetris and puzzles.

NMBR 9 is a puzzle game for 1-4 players where the goal is to fit number tiles together in levels that score more the higher you get. There are 8 tiles for each number (0-9), and 2 of each number will be used in each game, so the deck is comprised of 20 cards. On each turn, a card is drawn and all players place that tile in their area. Any numbers on the bottom level touching the table (Level 0) are worth 0 points. Level 1 starts on top of the bottom layer of numbers. There are a couple of rules on how you can place the numbers: 1. They must be adjacent to another previously placed number on that level, and 2. There can be NO overhang at all. So if you place numbers on the higher levels, they must fit entirely within the outline of all the tiles below it. The higher you go, the more potential points, because if you are able to place a 9 on Level 3, that’s 27 points. Whoever has the most total points in all their levels is the winner.

First of all, this game looks really cool. It catches people’s eye and the colors are so vibrant. The pieces are reminiscent of the tetrominoes from Tetris, and this will definitely appeal to fans of that game (myself included). When you consider the tricky placement rules, the game is more difficult than you think at first. Generally, there is some improvement after the first couple plays, but the game is always a brain burner, because there are thousands of possible outcomes for the order in which the numbers are drawn. The higher numbers are more valuable due to the multiplied nature of the scores, so it is interesting trying to position the tiles and plan for them. This is one of those great games that is challenging, yet very accessible since the rules are not extensive.

Man, these puzzly pieces are perfect. They are nice and thick, and well worth the decent price point.

Great price, check it out: https://amzn.to/2TCleVz

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