#41 – Flick ’em Up!


At a Glance: Flick ’em Up is a grand Wild West showdown that is great for teams.

Flick ’em Up is a flicking game for 2-10 players that is set in the Old West, with one team playing the Outlaws and the other team playing the Lawmen. The game comes with different scenarios that you can play out and tons of components like buildings, cacti, bales of hay, barrels and more. Each team has up to 5 little person figures that come with numbered hats so you can tell them apart. Play alternates between the teams, and players may do 2 actions, like moving or shooting on their turn. Moving is done by flicking a disc from where the player’s figure is standing to where they want to go, but if the disc collided with anything, the Move is not successful. Shooting is done by flicking smaller grey discs at the opponent’s figures and if they are knocked over, they take 1 damage (heart tokens). If a player runs out of hearts, they are dead and eliminated from the game. The winning goals for each side differ and are laid out for each scenario.

This is one of the best team games out there. There is a great sense of camaraderie that leads to courageous moves, desperate discussions, and sometimes ultimate sacrifices. It is really fun to flick the discs and get a feel for how the pieces behave. There are all the great Old West tropes like hangin’s, duels, ricochets, and dynamite. I like the added mechanics of entering and exiting buildings and duel-wielding revolvers, not to mention the actual duels themselves, which add a nice dramatic flair. One of my fondest memories of this game is when we had the full 10-player contingent and everyone really got into it, the game went down to the last minute, and it was just an epic time.

OK, so these pieces are AMAZING. They have since released a plastic version, but I highly recommend the original wooden version. Everything feels great, and the additional wooden objects like the cacti and barrels add such great character to the settings. This one is special. Try it.

The amazing wooden version: https://amzn.to/2S8vP9w

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