#46 – Time’s Up!


At a Glance: Time’s Up is always a hit. My #1 favorite party game!

Time’s Up is a party game for 4+ players where you must get your teammate(s) to guess different characters, celebrities, historical figures, etc. Once the deck is created, players start Round 1, where you have 30 seconds to say anything to get the other players to guess the people on the cards (other than saying what’s on the card). There is NO passing allowed in the first round though. Once all the cards in the deck have been claimed and scored by the teams, Round 2 begins. In Round 2, the same cards will be used again, but this time you may only say 1 word to describe them. Lastly, Round 3 is more like a traditional charades round, where you cannot speak at all. But again, the same cards are used. The team that has the highest total score (most cards claimed) is the winner.

The main idea here that the same cards are used for all 3 rounds may not sound like a big deal, or it may even sound counterintuitive, but this is what elevates this game over all other party-style games for me. This game organically creates more laughs than any other game I’ve played. Chances are, there are going to be people on the cards who you have never heard of. This is by design, because there are times when you may have to break the name apart in words or syllables, which then carries on into the next round, creating funny non-sequitur associations with the different names. Why did someone guess “Spiro Agnew” after someone was acting like a dragon in the final charades round?? Well, that’s because back in the first round, one player had no idea who Spiro Agnew was, so they said “his first name is similar to the name of a little purple dragon in a video game series.” There end up being MANY moments like this that make the game hilarious and interesting.

Each card has 2 names on it in yellow and blue and there are a ton of cards, so a lot of replayability. At this point, there have been a few different versions/printings, including a Title Recall version which has movies, books, songs, etc, instead of people. Any version will be a hit. Highly recommend…this is my favorite party game!

Check it out: https://amzn.to/2FqxmWP

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