#49 – Konexi


At a Glance: Konexi plays two different tunes whose harmonies come together to equal a surprising amount of FUN.

Konexi is a game for 2-4 players that is an interesting merger of a word game with a dexterity game. In Konexi, players add notched plastic letters to a tower and spell simple words as they go. The letters are placed in a circle and a letter is chosen as a base for the tower. Each player, in turn, rolls the die that shows you how many spaces to move a metal piece around the letter circle then chooses a letter on either side of where the piece stops. Once the letter is placed on the tower, the player tries to spell out a word using the letter they just placed. The only requirement to make a word is that all the letters must be connected (“notched” together). They don’t even have to be in order. For instance, you can spell “C-A-T”, but the C does not need to directly connect to the A. If the C is connected to the T, which is then connected to the A, then it works. Scoring is simple: you get 1 point for each letter in your word. First player to 20 points is the winner. A round can either end when someone wins OR if the tower falls down. In that case, whoever caused it to fall is penalized 3 points and another tower is begun.

This game is technically a word game, because you are making words, but the real focus here is on the dexterity aspect. Most of the time, the words are pretty apparent, and they tend to be much simpler than other word games. Since there is only 1 piece per letter, words with repeated letters are not possible. Odds are, you just won’t be able to create really long words. The dexterity part is the real highlight, and the design of the plastic letter pieces is ingenious and it’s amazing how big the letter “tree” can get and still stay balanced. I mean it. There are times where you feel the next letter will certainly make the tower fall…and it doesn’t. Maybe the “gravity-defying” descriptor on the front of the box is appropriate after all. This game works for all types of players, including kids, because the words tend to be on the simple side, and the action element is more appealing.

This is one of those games that stop people in their tracks and make them say, “What is THAT you’re playing?” Only a picture does the letters justice, and as you can see, they are uniquely constructed and look really cool. I found this at a Half Price Books a few years ago for $7, had limited expectations, and this game just delivered above and beyond. It’s such a cool mixture that is fun for a wide audience.

Unfortunately it’s out of print right now: https://amzn.to/2FmpllQ

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