#52 – Sushi Go!


At a Glance: Sushi Go is such a delightful and appealing card game that I would almost rather play it than eat sushi.

Sushi Go is a card game for 2-5 players where card drafting is THE main element of the game, as players will be passing around cards, choosing one, then adding it to their sushi collections. Different sushi’s score in different ways. Sashimi score 10 points if you have a set of 3. Nigiri score anywhere from 1-3 points individually BUT are tripled if you dip them in wasabi. Tempura score in duos, Dumplings increase in increments depending on how many you have, and Pudding scores only at the end of the game. Players also race each round to see who has the most Maki. The game takes place over 3 rounds and the player with the most total points is the winner.

The game is quick, and the card drafting adds so much interest and tricky decision-making. What sets are you going to go for, how are you going to score points, should you try to block others trying to get big sets? Sometimes it might be best to grab the Chopsticks card which lets you swap it for 2 cards on the same turn. There are some things to be mindful of as you play: the Dumplings are easily overlooked, but can score big if someone manages to collect 4 or 5 of them. You also don’t want to totally neglect the Pudding, because if you have the least at the end of the game that’s -6 points. The game never fails to be engaging, and it actually scales really well. We enjoy 2-player games just as much as a full contingent.

The artwork on the cards is really good, done in a cute cartoony style. The cards themselves are good quality too, and they come in a nice tin. This is a quick, enjoyable game with very little downtime. One of the best card games out there.

Really affordable! https://amzn.to/2RNezGl


Card Drafting – This is a mechanic where players typically pass cards around the table, choose one, then continue passing the cards around. This means that players will see the same cards, for the most part.

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