#53 – Word on the Street


At a Glance: Word on the Street is a “tug-of-word” game that is so refreshingly unique. My #1 favorite Word Game in fact.

Word on the Street is a word game for 2-10ish players in 2 teams situated on either side of a street board. Along the median of the 4-lane street are 17 letter tiles. Gameplay is very simple. One team draws a category card that might say “Types of Cheese”, then that team must come up with an answer and spell it out while moving each letter tile toward their side of the street in an attempt to capture them by pulling them off the board. Once a letter is moved off either side, it is claimed by that team. First team to capture 8 letters wins.

You could say this is a “tug-of-word” game. The letters move back and forth across the 4 lanes and median which makes for a very competitive atmosphere. Teams only have 30 seconds to come up with an answer too, which adds a nice challenge to not only come up with a good long answer, but also one that pulls back letters that may be in danger of being captured by the other team! It’s stressful and fast-paced, which is good for a word game. Games like Scrabble tend to suffer from analysis paralysis, players taking forever to maximize their points in an exercise to see who knows the most obscure Scrabble-approved words, but not necessarily their definitions. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually pretty good at Scrabble, but this word party game is so much more fun to me. In fact, this is my favorite word game!

The heavy letter tiles are really great quality, and the long board looks great. There are also many cards included, and all double-sided too. This one is a winner. Best Word Game I have played.

Newer, more affordable version: https://amzn.to/2F8w3eP. Older version with better components: https://amzn.to/2DaB4kI

Honorable Mentions

Word Games have been popular and have been around much longer than many other genres of board games. Here are some good ones that did not make my Top 100:

Bethump’d With Words – This is a trivia game all about words and language. In answering questions correctly, everyone is collecting letters to make a 7-letter word. Questions are well-written and really interesting.

You’ve Been Sentenced – In this game, players try to string together words to form funny, sometimes nonsensical sentences. Works best in a lighthearted, more non-competitive group. It’s impressive how many cards come in the box.

Scattergories – This is a good popular party word game where a die is rolled that shows a letter, and players must come up with 10 answers to different categories that start with the common letter.

Boggle – I really like this simple game of random letters in a grid, and having to write down as many words that you see, connected in the grid.

Buzzword – Good group party game where there are 10 phrases that share a common word, and players must shout out what they are.

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