#62 – 10 Days in Africa (& Series)

10 Days

At a Glance: 10 Days in Africa is a geographic connection game with a Rack-O feel.

In the 10 Days series of games, the goal is to connect locations to make a cohesive 10-day journey. The game uses a Rack-O mechanic where you draw a location and swap it out with another location on your journey. You may also swap 2 tiles on your rack. You must start and end in a country, and you can connect any countries that border each other normally, use colored airplanes to fly between two similarly colored countries, or use a car to travel through a shared border country. The winner is the player who first strings together a 10-day journey that is completely connected.

My favorite is the Africa version, but there have been several games released in the series, including Asia and Europe. I also own 10 Days in the Americas, which features Cruises that allow you to connect between bodies of water as well. The simple gameplay can be taught in a minute. This is a great one to introduce to your family, including grandparents, or kids who may not be avid gamers. It is also greatly educational, because the game board is a large labeled map, the informative tiles list the capitals and population, and after a few plays, you become much more familiar with the geography of the region. These games would also be great in a Geography class setting.

I am a geographer, so this one appeals to me on that personal level. It is simply fun, and I stress the “simply” part. The components are absolutely top-notch. You know, they could have gotten away with mass market quality. What you have instead are thick tiles, a large quality board, and solid wood racks for holding the tiles. The game looks splendid and is fun for all ages. Highly recommend! I hope they reprint these soon, because as it stands it is hard to find a used copy for a good price. Any version you can find is great though.

The Americas version

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