#66 – Formula De

Formula De

At a Glance: Formula De simulates open-wheel racing to a T, where aggression can be greatly rewarded, or greatly penalized.

Formula Dé is a racing game for 2-10 players that simulates an open-wheel race, much like Formula 1. By the way, I will be talking about the “Mini” version, which in essence the same game, just smaller and streamlined. Each player controls a car and a gearbox. The gearbox determines how fast you can go, and each gear has a corresponding die. So the highest gear (5th) is a 20-sided die that works best on longer straightaways. Each track has corners that require you to stop within the corner at least once. If you overshoot the corner, you lose Life Points. There are actually a few different ways your car can take damage in the game, either by colliding with other cars, overtaxing the engine, or downshifting more than one gear at a time. The only way to recover points is to make a visit to pit lane. The racers shift gears and try to time the corners efficiently in order to make it around the track the fastest. Whoever takes the checkered flag after 2 laps is the winner.

I really like the way the gears work with the different dice, and I am a sucker for cool dice anyway. Judging the corners provides some really tough decisions as to which gear to use, and when it works, and you zoom through a corner really efficiently, it feels great. The game captures the essence of road racing with how it simulates the dangers of close racing, engine care, cornering, drafting, and pitting. Of course, luck of the dice will play a role as well, and occasionally you will get a runaway winner. But if 2nd is even within striking distance, it is fun to see them get aggressive toward the end to make a last ditch effort. If you like racing, this game will probably appeal to you and may be one you really enjoy.

The components are great. The little race cars can actually have a different color spoiler, which is how the game accommodates more racers. The board is double-sided, so there are 2 different tracks to choose from, and there are expansion tracks and so many more things out there you can add to the experience. This is one of the best racing games out there!

Check it out: https://amzn.to/2CKIhaM

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