#68 – AMC Reel Clues


At a Glance: This obscure trivia game is actually my favorite movie-themed Board game, covering the classics to modern cinema.

AMC Reel Clues is a movie trivia party game for at least 4 players or teams where you answer trivia questions or get your teammates to guess actors and movies in order to build you own unique movie production. The game is divided into 5 “Takes” or categories of trivia/activities. Take 1 has 5 clues about 1 movie that the Reader reads in order, and the earlier the team guesses, the more tokens they get. These are written very well, and the movies they picked are a wide, great selection. Take 2 has 5 movies or actors that the Reader tries to get the team to guess in a short amount of time. There are really no restrictions on what you can say for Take 2. Each correct guess gets a token. Take 3 is Drawing, which is probably my least favorite Take, but as you can expect, you have to draw a movie and get your team to guess it. Take 4 has an actor that you must do an impression of. However, you cannot say the names of any of the actor’s films, which adds some difficulty to it. Take 4 certainly gets the most laughs. And finally, Take 5 has 3 movies and the team must choose which one doesn’t belong, meaning 2 of them share the same actor or director. As you play, each time a team earns 5 chips, you can cash them in for a Make a Movie Card. These are drawn at random, and there are different types: Directors, Screenplays, Locations, and Actors. Once a team gets 1 each of the first 3 plus 2 actors, they win.

The main thing that sets this apart from other good movie trivia games is the wide spectrum of content. As a big film buff, I appreciate that there are just as many questions about classic movies from the 40s-50s as there are modern ones. Sure, this can be a bit more challenging at times, but I think the difficulty is at a perfect level. I have played movie trivia games that were too difficult (Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen comes to mind), but I feel the challenge here is just right. Scene It is pretty good, but it hardly touches movies made before 1980. The cards are well-constructed, and I just really like the movie choices they made. They really gave equal value to all eras and genres.

Components are mass market quality, nothing special. Unfortunately, it has been out of print for many years, but because there is not really much high demand for it, you can find copies pretty cheap. If you are a true cinephile, and love the classics as well, this game is hard to beat.

Check it out: https://amzn.to/2RaRbm2

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