#73 – Hollywood Blockbuster (Dream Factory)


At a Glance: Hollywood Blockbuster is an auction-focused game that lets you produce award-winning movies and outright stinkers!

Hollywood Blockbuster is a movie-producing game for 2-5 players, which has been published under a couple other names like Traumfabrik (original German) and Dream Factory. Players take on the roles of movie producers who are trying to assemble cast & crew for various films. Some films are clearly Oscar bait and others…not so much. There are 8 large spaces around the board that contain a few types of randomly drawn crew members to choose from. Each space, the available crew member tokens will be auctioned off and sold, and players will be filling up their movie slots with the appropriate types of crew members, such as Directors, Cinematographers, Effects Supervisors, Sound Engineers, and of course, Actors. They also come in various degrees of prestige, from 4-star down to no stars. There are also 2 Party spaces where you can pick up single tokens for free. Minor awards are handed out after every round, and there is a big ceremony at the end (think Oscars), where the Best Movies in each genre are awarded. There is also a Worst Movie award, so there is also some motivation to produce an outright stinker of a film! Whoever has the most cumulative star points and award points is the winner.

This is the most Auction-focused game I have ever played. Every single turn is an auction, the bidding is pretty simple, and the currency is constantly being redistributed around. That means it is a closed economy. In other words, each winning bid is evenly distributed among the other players. So even if you lose a couple auctions in a row, you’ll have a better chance at winning the next one. There are no real names in the game, but it is pretty obvious who they are parodying, with names like Jim Scarry, Tom Hankey, Susan Saranwrap, and Keanu Breeze. I think the part of this game that is the most fun is completing these bizarre movie combinations, and receiving the awards for them. It is cool when a movie may have won all 3 mid-season awards, but then gets overtaken at the big awards due to a late submission movie that really shined.

The components are nice, not flimsy cardboard. The awards are standees, which makes them nice and visible around the table so you can see which films are getting all the praise. If you like movies, but are not in the mood for trivia, this one is great.

Check it out: https://amzn.to/2ECEsqN

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