#76 – Wits & Wagers


At a Glance: Wits & Wagers feels like a Vegas-scale trivia game, and packs a lot of fun for a larger group or team play.

Wits & Wagers is a party trivia game for 3-7 players or teams with numerical trivia questions and a poker style. The answers are always in a number format, and players write their guesses secretly on their cards and all reveal simultaneously. Then, each answer is ranked in numerical order and placed on the betting mat. All players can bet on 1 or 2 answers (including their own if they want) that pay out at different odds, and once the answer is revealed, the bets are paid out. The game takes place over 7 rounds. In the exciting final round, there is no betting limit, so players can go all-in if they want. The player/team with the highest value in chips is the winner.

This game claims to be the “Most Award Winning Party Game in History”, of which I have no reason to doubt. It has sold well over 1 million copies at this point, and the great part is that you can find it pretty much everywhere. Chances are, you can stop by Target, Walmart, Big Lots, or Ollie’s, and find one of the editions for a great price. Not only is its distribution widely available, the accessibility of the gameplay is attractive and widely appealing as well. Not good at trivia games? Doesn’t matter. The betting aspect puts everyone on a level playing field, and adds a lot of fun and excitement to the game. If your answer ends up being a far outlier, then you have an interesting decision to make: Do you stay confident and risk betting on the numerical outliers (which have higher-paying odds), or do you go the safe route for a respectable 2:1 payout? Also, there is a tempting 6:1 option if you believe the correct answer is smaller than all the other answers. Then, of course, you have the last round. The last round gets really crazy, as there is no betting limit and some players usually go all-in with their bets.

I highly recommend the Deluxe edition, which has a huge felt mat, and gives the game a great Casino feel. The chips that come with the game are fine, but we spice it up even more by using upgraded, heavy Poker chips when we play. It just feels really cool, with a big group around the table, betting on obscure numerical questions. The only con with the older edition we have is that some of the questions are a bit outdated. However, you can get an updated Deluxe edition that still has the big mat. There are also a few other editions like the Family Edition, where the questions are more geared toward younger players and the casino/gambling aspect is absent. There is also a “Party Edition”, which just simplifies things a bit, but I would definitely recommend the Original over the Party version.

Deluxe edition: https://amzn.to/2CiXeAO


Betting Odds – I have met quite a few people who do not completely understand betting odds. I think a lot of people wrongly assume that this is common knowledge. When you see odds listed as 3 to 1, for example, that means that if you bet on that option and win, you get 3x your bet, PLUS your initial bet amount back. That means, if you bet $5 on 3 to 1 odds (sometimes shown as 3:1), you will walk away with $20 total.

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