#86 – Munchkin


At a Glance: Munchkin is a dungeon crawling parody and a crazy fun romp that does not take itself (or you) seriously.

Munchkin is a card game for 3-6 players that parodies the tropes of classic dungeon crawl games and RPG’s. The goal is to kill as many monsters as you can, backstab the other players at every opportunity, and even cheat if you want to! Obviously there are limitations to this, but the game is notoriously loose and open to interpretation at times. There is even a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer in the rulebook that says that any disagreement on rules interpretation must be settled with a loud argument and the owner of the game gets to make the final judgment.

On your turn, you first Kick in the Door, and if it’s a monster, you must fight! Monsters come in many different levels of strength. Combat is straight-forward. Compare your current level (plus any modifiers) and if it is more than the monster’s, you win. Whenever you defeat a monster, you can level up and get some loot. The treasures you receive can be weapons, armor, one-use events or items, and other miscellany. If you are defeated by the monster, God forbid, you may try to run away. But if the monster catches you, he does “Bad Stuff” to you, which can be pretty…well…bad.

Aside from killing monsters, this game is full of backstabbing and mischief. There are very few limitations on when you can play cards to mess over your opponent. It especially stings when someone thinks they have defeated a monster, then RIGHT at the last second someone plays a card and says “Oh, by the way, that’s actually a SAVAGE Cyclops, so his level increases by 10.” There’s a lot of humor and in-jokes found throughout the cards, of which there are plenty. You don’t have to be familiar with Dungeons & Dragons games to appreciate the humor, but it helps. There are tons of expansions for the game that add so much more variability and chaos to the game. We own 7 expansions, and I would certainly recommend getting as many as you want if you enjoy the base game. For a few dollars more, I would recommend the Deluxe edition, which includes standies and a game board to keep track of levels.

Check it out on Amazon! https://amzn.to/2IDekuq

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