#87 – Qwixx


At a Glance: Qwixx is a pure dice game that is as addicting as Pringles.

Qwixx is a dice game for 2-5 players where you roll dice, and cross off boxes on your sheet, in the vein of Yahtzee. 6 dice are rolled each turn, and they can affect all players. There are 2 white dice and 4 other dice in yellow, red, green, and blue. These 4 colors match the color rows on the sheets, with numbers from 2 to 12. The red and yellow rows go from 2 to 12, and the green and blue go from 12 to 2. and the goal is to check off as many boxes as you can in each row. The catch is that once you check off a number in a row, you cannot go back. For example if you first mark the “4” in the yellow row, you cannot go back and mark the 2 or 3 later. Every player can use the 2 white dice on every turn if they want. However, only the active player can also combine one of the colored dice with a white dice to check off another number if they wish. Once you have at least 5 boxes checked off in any given row, that row can potentially be “locked”. This gives a bonus to the player who locked it, and that dice is completely removed for the remainder of the game. If you, as the active player, cannot check off any boxes, you must take a penalty. So once 2 dice are locked (or someone has amassed 4 penalties), the game is over, and players score depending on how many boxes they have checked in each row.

You can’t just play once. It’s like Pringles. The game is fast-flowing, and unlike Yahtzee, the all-time most popular roll-and-write game, there is not really any dead time. Everyone is engaged on every turn because the white dice are always usable by all players. Sure, there is some randomness, which is inherent in a dice game. But the game organically creates some interesting decisions about when and where to check off boxes, pushing your luck, waiting for the perfect number or just taking as many boxes as quickly as you can. Though I wouldn’t recommend it of course, you could technically play with 50 people with the way the game is set up. It’s simple and fun, and works even as just a filler between a couple heavier games.

Wow! Another Gamewright-published game on my Top 100. Gamewright specializes in simple fun games that can be enjoyed by a wide age range. You generally won’t find heavy strategy games in their catalog, but that’s just not their niche. Though their games are rarely component-heavy, the components they DO have are always top notch, and Qwixx is no exception. The dice are well-made and the game comes with plenty of sheets that are also double-sided. Ultimately I prefer Qwixx over Yahtzee, because the choices are less restricting, and everyone is more engaged and involved on every turn.

CHERRY ON TOP: I think this might be the CHEAPEST quality game out there right now: https://amzn.to/2QjDsbW


Roll-and-Write – A genre of games whose primary mechanic is rolling dice and writing or scoring on a piece of paper.

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