#88 – Smarty Party! (Smarty Pants)

Smarty Party

At a Glance: Smarty Party = Outburst meets Hot Potato, and can be played pretty much anywhere.

Smarty Party! (or Smarty Pants) is a game for 3-8 players (though the max player count is a bit flexible) where players try to match 10 answers listed on a category card, and avoid penalty points by ending up with the “pants”. One person is the reader each round, and players take turns providing 1 answer for the category in question. It could be “10 Famous Dogs”, “10 Things You Find in a Kitchen”, etc. If you match one of the answers on the card, you take the “pants”. If your answer does not match, you must take a penalty card. The penalties go in sequence starting with 3, then down to 1. So that means the first person to miss an answer gets the worst penalty. The round ends if either all 10 correct answers have been given, or all the penalty cards run out (usually the latter). Points are bad, so everybody counts up their penalty cards and moves that many spaces on the board. But wait, what about the pants? Whoever ends up with the pants at the end of the round has ZERO penalty points counted against them. So it acts like an Immunity for any penalty cards you may have acquired in the round, which can provide some fun tension and can really save a player’s neck. Once someone reaches the end of the board, the game is over, and whoever is still closest to the Start space wins the game.

I really like how this is one of those games you can play pretty much anywhere. It’s nice when you can just lounge around a big room and throw the “pants” at each other. It can be frustratingly funny at times, because even if you give a “correct” answer, if it is not on the category card, that’s too bad. So yeah, there’s some randomness, but it also helps to be knowledgeable in order to avoid points and end up with the “pants”. I really recommend this great party game.

We home-engineer the game at our house, in a way. We use Outburst cards, find something funny (but soft) to represent the “pants” and use cards or tokens to indicate the range of penalty points.

Here is the official version: https://amzn.to/2zIyyjq

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