#89 – Bring Your Own Book


At a Glance: Bring Your Own Book is a free-spirited, unconventional exercise that is great for bookworms.

Bring Your Own Book is a game for 3-8 players where players provide answers to prompts from books of their choosing. Gameplay couldn’t be more simple. In each round, the “Picker” selects a question and players rush to find a phrase in their book that answers the prompt in an interesting way. The first person to find their phrase starts the timer, and everyone else has 1 minute to find their phrases. The “Picker” chooses what they think is the best answer and gives the card to the winning player. The first player to get a designated number of cards is the winner.

Rules are certainly in place for you to play competitively, but I find this works best just as an activity or ice-breaker. It is so open-ended and creative, and feels fresh, which is why I think it succeeds. There are absolutely no restrictions on what kind of book you want to bring. You could bring a dry textbook, a fantasy novel, a self-help book, a Harlequin romance, anything that you think might provide funny and interesting answers. The game says 8 players is the max, but I don’t see why you couldn’t play with even more than that. Especially, if you weren’t playing to have 1 winner.

We have the free print-and-play version, which you can get on their website here

Find the retail version here, for a good price: https://amzn.to/2P8GRtW

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