#93 – Compatibility


At a Glance: Compatibility is a perfect game for a couples’ night.

Compatibility is a party game played in pairs. A word is drawn each round, and you and your partner try to choose the same pictures from identical decks that best describe the word on the card. You also rank your cards, starting with the one that describes the word the best. Your team gets points based on the cards that match in each set you chose, and also if you matched the exact ranking as well.

The game starts with each team choosing 5 cards out of the decks, but as you progress to the end, you could get stuck with only choosing 1 or 2 cards, which makes it quite a bit more difficult to match each other. It really helps to be on the same wavelength in this game, but it makes for some hilarious moments when you’re not. “Why in the world would you choose THAT picture?!”, “How did you not pick THIS one?!” If you are one who might get genuinely frustrated with this game, or with your teammate, you should probably avoid this one (you probably know just by reading the description if this game would be a hit in your group or not). When taken lightly, it results in some pretty memorable moments, and some interesting discussions concerning the players’ choices. There is also potential for some metagaming, in that there may be a picture that shows up and becomes a running gag throughout the game, getting picked whether or not it fits well with the card. Those are the funny moments that really become memories.

I think this one is underrated for sure. I enjoy this one a bit more than Apples to Apples, Battle of the Sexes, Imaginiff, or Say Anything. If you are looking for a unique party game that is perfect for a couples’ night, retreat, or whatever, I definitely recommend it.

The game is over 20 years old now, so it has been out of print for a while now, unfortunately: https://amzn.to/2OYQOd


Metagaming – Whenever gameplay is affected by jokes, relationships, actions, or strategies OUTSIDE the game itself. Generally, this happens in groups where the players know each other fairly well. One example would be “I will play this card because she almost always plays THAT card in this situation”.

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