#94 – Imagine


At a Glance: Imagine is an imaginative game involving moving images. Imagine that!

Imagine is a visual party game for 3-8 players that uses transparent image cards to get other players to guess a panoply of things like basic objects, books, movies, holidays, people, fictional characters, activities, and phrases. It’s a creative, free-flowing experience that works just as well as an activity as it does a competitive game.

Other than not talking, there are really no restrictions to what you can do with the cards as you get other players to guess. You can use as many cards as you want, and you can even move them to create action scenes. One thing I recommend is that you play on some sort of white background because otherwise the images can be hard to see. (Can you guess the image below? It’s a type of person.)

As cool as the transparent cards are, the clue cards are just as great. Other party games need to learn from this—there are 65 cards, double-sided, and there are 8 clues in many different categories on each side. That’s over 1,000 clues! And they’re all well thought out and interesting. Some are more difficult than others, but I find the tougher challenges are really fun. What a great party game/activity. This is the 2nd game published by Gamewright in my Top 100 so far (after Go Nuts for Donuts), and not to say that pace will continue, but hopefully it’s evident that Gamewright makes affordable, easy-to-learn games for all ages that are fun and always look good too.

This is a steal right now! Check it out: https://amzn.to/2Olv7au

(Below is an example of “A Tale of Two Cities”)

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