#95 – Biotix

At a Glance: Biotix is a crazy, cutthroat, chaotic game of multiplying and reacting microbes.
Biotix is a game for 2-5 players, where each player is trying score points on their petri dish with volatile microorganisms called “Biotix” (naturally). Gameplay is pretty simple. On your turn, you draw 2 little Biotix from the bag and place them either in your own petri dish or someone else’s. Each type/color of Biotix have different point values and are triggered into a bio-reaction whenever there are more of a certain type than there are spaces on the petri dishes. Once the “clock” piece is drawn, the round ends. Biotix that are still remaining in your petri dish score at the end of each round. Each round is a “day” in the lab, and the game ends after 3 days. Whoever has the most points wins the game.

This game can be so unpredictable, especially toward the beginning to middle of the round. Most of the Biotix are still unknown and in the bag at that point, and even if you have a couple spaces to spare for a certain type of microbe, if your opponent happens to draw them and shove them on your petri dish, it can cause a bad reaction, and sometimes a chain reaction, depending on the different effects! Utter chaos, I tell you. But the unpredictability makes this game pretty fun at times. That said, it’s not really one of those games where if you win you can say, “Aha, you warthog faced buffoon! I beat you with my superior strategy.” Sometimes, depending on timing and luck of the draw, the points just kind of fall where they may. But that’s OK, because it’s a fairly quick game.

The game itself is pretty small, but doesn’t feel too dinky. My one complaint would be that the little stickers are kind of tedious to place on the Biotix pieces, because they only are meant to fit rotated a certain way. So I wish they would have just come complete in the box. Once you play the basic game, there are some advanced rules you can introduce, and there is also a Microbes Mini Expansion that adds a couple types of Biotix, which makes it even more varied.

Affordable! Check it out: https://amzn.to/2O6Q49d

(My son really likes to look at these little guys)


EXPANSION – An addition to an existing game, usually sold separately, that adds new components, rules, or mechanics to the base game. Generally, expansions attempt to spice up the gameplay, without altering or tainting the original experience too much.

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