#98 – Go Nuts for Donuts!

Go Nuts for Donuts

At a Glance: Go Nuts for Donuts! has some interesting risk/reward decisions, and its cutesy artwork is appealing for younger players who may be new to gaming.

Go Nuts for Donuts! is a quick card game for 2-6 players where players attempt to make sets of different types of donuts and pastries for points. In each round, donut cards are laid out on the table (always 1 more than the total number of players), and each player secretly chooses a number that corresponds to the column of the card they want. All players then reveal their selections simultaneously and take their cards. BUT here’s the catch: If 2 or more players select the same treat, they get NOTHING. This creates interesting decisions of whether to go for the tastier cards at the risk of getting nothing, or going for a more sure bet. The game is over once the deck is depleted, and the player with the most points in their donut collection wins.

As I said, the risk/reward decisions are really interesting, and this creates some fun tension, as players are trying to read each others’ intentions. Now the game is certainly not deeply strategic. In fact, with a little help with scoring and reading, I could see even young children getting in on the fun. The donuts are varied, and they score in many different ways. Some just simply give a certain amount of points at the end of the game, some score as a set (for instance, you score 6 points for 3 Donut Holes, but it jumps up to 10 points if you get 4 of them), some cards instead of scoring points allow you to take actions, like taking the top card of the deck or the discard pile. Also, the types of cards increase with the number of players, which is nice. With larger player counts for instance, there are a few more cards introduced that can negatively affect other players.

The art style, which is done well, is definitely aiming for cute and cartoony, and it’s one of those games that “pops” and gets people’s attention, especially kids. Actually, this is one of the games my 2-year old asks for a lot. Obviously he can’t play, but he just likes to open it and look at it! I definitely recommend, if you’re interested in a quick family card game with a fun theme.

Oh, and did I mention, the price is right? – https://amzn.to/2OK3RPR


SET COLLECTION – What it sounds like, it describes the mechanic in games where your goal is to collect a set of similar items, generally scoring an increasing amount of points the more items you have.

BLIND SELECTION – Choosing or bidding for an item secretly, then revealing. Usually this is done simultaneously by all players.

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