#100 – Blokus

At a Glance: Blokus is puzzly, incredibly easy-to-learn, and especially shines with a full contingent of 4 players.

Blokus is a game for 2-4 players, where each player has a colored set of Tetris-like shapes that are played on the grid. The catch is on how you must place them: They must touch your other pieces only on the corners, not edge-to-edge adjacent. So, each person starts in their corner, and soon, the shapes start sprawling across the board as the players attempt to place as many of their pieces as they can. Any shapes that you cannot fit on the board count against you at the end of the game.

It’s a thinky, puzzly game that increases in difficulty until the game ends, however it only takes a minute to learn the actual rules of gameplay. It can be cutthroat too, as other players will block you, even if it is just inadvertent. I definitely recommend playing with 4 players if you can, because I don’t think it’s as enjoyable controlling 2 colors in the 2-player game, and the “dummy” 4th player in a 3-player game is a little bit better, but doesn’t come close to how intensely fun it is with the full 4 players.

The pieces are nice and colorful and the grid is designed to lock them in place a bit, so they don’t slide around (learn from this, Scrabble & co.), and it just looks cool when the game is finished. Well worth a try, especially if you’re already into these types of puzzle games!

Can get it fairly cheap right now: https://amzn.to/2xzoUy0


“Dummy” Player – Sometimes, in order to accommodate lower player counts, games will require players to control or make decisions for a neutral player stand-in, so the mechanics of the game can still function properly.

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