About Me

Hi, my name is Ben, and I like board games.

My love for gaming began when I was a small child — Battleship, Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur, Card Games, Sorry!, and many others. I was actually more competitive in those days. Sometimes I would cry if I was losing, and my sisters would sternly threaten to “never play games ever again with me” if I didn’t stop crying. So I would say, while wiping away the tears, “I’m OK, I’m OK, let’s play”.

I was a teenager when I realized that playing board games could actually be a legitimate hobby. We had a group of friends who introduced my wife and I to games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, The Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride. And since I had long since stopped crying when I lost, they were much more enjoyable, no matter what the result was. Playing games are and should be fun from start to finish.

Today, I am overwhelmed by how many great games are out there, including many that the average person is not even aware of. The tabletop gaming hobby is exceptionally vast and it is exciting to know that even though I have played hundreds of good to great games, there are THOUSANDS more I have not played and probably never will play. The purpose of this blog is to spread the love of gaming around just a bit, make people aware of games they have never heard of, that may become some of their family’s favorites.

No matter your age, no matter your gender, no matter your background, no matter the size of your bank account…There’s a board game for everyone.


[I receive a small percentage of sales from the Amazon links of the games I highlight]

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